Study Tip – Note Where Preconditions End

This is a small memorization tip.  In a previous post, which surveyed blog posts for what people who took the WELL exam felt were important to study, a few people commented that it was important to note where Preconditions features end and where the Optimization features start.

For the 7 Concepts, they are as follows:

Air (12)

Water (34)

Nourishment (45)

Light (56)

Fitness (65)

Comfort (76)

Mind (88)

The WELL Concepts are arranged roughly in order of importance to survival necessity (i.e., you can’t go for too long without Air…).

This tip is more of a study hack than something to help understand the material.  And if new versions of the standard are released, the Feature numbers may change.  But for now, it was helpful for me to note that the digits that make last Preconditions are almost sequential (1,2,3,4…), they reverse at 65 and 76 and then are 2 identical digits at 88.

12 34 | 45 56 | 65 76 | 88

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