What to Study for the WELL Exam: Compiled Forum Comments


What should I focus on to study for the WELL exam? I read through a number of forum comments and blog posts, and compiled this survey, figuring that what was mentioned most often would either be most important to note—either topics that appeared most frequently, were hardest to study, or were the most surprising and required more focus.

Here’s a chart:

Calculations (incl. area requirements)7
Health statistics5
Precondition cutoffs (Preconditions vs. Optimizations)3
Certification and verification guide — how the certification is managed3
Technical standards2
How credits are verified (letter from owner, etc.)1
Anything related to fruits and vegetables1
Scenario-based questions1
Body systems1
Feature requirements1
How the concept affects health and fitness1
Fact-based questions1
Relating the features1


If you think this is useful (or if you have some feedback), feel free to leave me a note below.

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